Photo Bomb! This Cute Baby Elephant Steals The Show When A Camera Is Filming

This baby elephant is going to get to grow up happy and free, thanks to the folks at Elephant Nature Park, at Chiang Mai, Thailand. This little guy proves that not only people can be hams when it comes to a camera rolling. He can’t help but want to be the center of attention and steals the show!

The rest of the herd is oblivious to the little one’s theatrics and continues to graze. But our guy doesn’t need them to play. He comes to the camera, and maybe he understood he was being filmed because he took off into the field to play and romp just like a little child.

This guy is too cute for words. Watch him romp and play with the leaves, a fallen tree trunk and, I am pretty sure I saw him posing for the camera a few times too. And the noises he makes just enhance his ‘performance’ even more.