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This is living proof that you should never believe your own eyes!


When is the last time you saw one of those neat optical illusions? Do you like to watch them occasionally? The moment I got hooked on them is when I started studying the Escher drawings. They amazed me since I was a little kid, in fact, they still do. I studied them in an attempt to find out how he had done it. What made them more incredible in my eyes was the fact that they had been done so many years ago and we still cannot understand how he did it.

Optical illusions give us the chance to see people and places that we may already know with a new set of eyes. You may have seen some optical illusion videos in the past and have even dared your friends to fall for it. But the thing is they will fool you each time because they are designed to work based on the weak points of your brain. The way these ‘flaws’ in our brain work have been the object of study for a long time. Maybe if we know how the brain processes them, we can use that information in our favor.

These tricks can be used in a number of ways, but in many cases, they can be used to change your perception of something, or in other words, they can make you see what was once a beautiful face an ugly one. Believe me, this can sound impossible, but I have seen it myself, a gorgeous face can change into an ugly one in a couple of minutes. I also have to say that these discoveries took place completely by accident.

There are a lot of theories as to how the discovery was made. Some people believe that it might have been while someone was looking at still photographs or portraits. In these cases, the person would probably focus on one point and then look away. While there are a lot of explanations for pictures like these. I urge you to take a look and do a little research for yourself and you’ll evidence that supports it.

While you do this, you can sit back and take a look at the pictures in the next video. You will see many of your favorite actors there and confirm that their beauty is not immune to this illusion. I do have to mention that you do something before you decide to press play. Read the instructions and follow them carefully as they are of utmost importance in getting the best results!

A family couldn’t figure out why their grandma was sick. Then, they learn it was the dog!


Have you ever gotten sick out of the blue without knowing what might have caused it? That happened to me a while ago. I remember I would start coughing out of the blue. At times, the temperature was not that cold. I would be hanging out at home or even outside when I started to cough. I saw several doctors and they would usually dismiss it as some sort of viral cold.

Other times, they would say that I had the flu. I would get medication in both cases and take it by the book, but it mostly was not doing anything for me. The symptoms got better but I didn’t get completely healthy. Apparently, the problem was that the virus or bacteria that I had at the time was not eradicated by the medication. So, I remained sick and went to the doctor a few times before I got better.

Some people have even worse problems. In my case, it was an infection that I needed long-term treated for. In their case, it can be a serious condition that can even jeopardize their lives, and most importantly without even knowing what is causing it. Without knowing this, they can be putting themselves in danger on a daily basis.

Having a serious condition normally comes with other psychological or mental issues like depression. When a person has a serious condition, the possibility of passing away is something that haunts them. One of my aunts was getting sick all the time. Apparently, it had something to do with her kidneys. Doctors were puzzled as to what was causing kidney failure.

She had several tests done on her until they found the answer. But before they did, she spent a good couple of years wondering what was happening. This took a big toll on her and the entire family. For everyone it was as if she would pass any day, we just didn’t know when.

Now, can grief really cause medical problems? Can someone actually die from depression? The grandmother in the following video had quite the scare after a devastating loss put her in the hospital. Her case baffled doctors at first, but their last diagnosis made everyone consider the chance of dying from a broken heart.

He name is Joanie Simpson and she is 62 years old. She had a lot of pets that she loved dearly. Her family mentioned that the pet she had the most love for was her Yorkie, Meja. Unfortunately, Meja passed from congestive heart failure. After only four days this happened, she was admitted to the hospital. She had been complaining of chest pains and difficulty catching her breath. All symptoms indicated she was experiencing a massive heart attack.

But what was happening? Why was she in this way? Please click on the video to find out.

She meets a brother she never knew existed. Then he tells their mother’s most hidden secret!


Meeting their biological parents is a touchy subject for most adopted children. It’s a very personal decision. For some of them, it’s a necessity. It’s the one experience that will help them learn more about who they are. At times, meeting their birth parents helps them understand why they act the way they do sometimes. For others, it’s not that important. Their adoptive parents are their real parents as far as they are concerned.

It was about to be an emotional journey for an adopted woman who lives in Washington State. She recently received the surprise of a lifetime. She grew up ignoring that somewhere in the United States she had a long-lost brother. Of course, growing up she had no idea of this and it was until she became a mother herself that she decided to search her family tree for answers. She knew very little about her family but was sure that with a little bit of research, she would get to the bottom of it.

The Washington State woman by the name of Christina Housel found a man named Lyle James Berryman. The man was residing in Arizona and she contacted him through social media. As soon as they could, they arranged a meeting this past June. Christina was a little nervous. For some reason, as she started talking to Lyle she felt as if she had known him for a long time.

On the other hand, Lyle was a little skeptical at first. He thought this was one of those pranks that only get people’s hopes up and then watch them come crashing down. But as soon as he saw the pictures Christina sent him, he knew that she was his long-lost sibling. He found out they had very similar facial features including the same nose. The first meeting between them had been an enormous success and then Lyle decided to drop another bomb on Christina…both of them had another set of siblings who lived in Florida.

It had turned out that the siblings they had were twins. Their mother had told him this secret before passing. The only thing is that he had not been able to establish contact with them. Maybe now that he had contacted Christina, the two of them could work together to see if they could find them. They didn’t have a lot of information at the time but knew that social media would be of immense help.

They posted a picture of them along with a post on social media. They knew that if enough people shared it, they would be very close to finding their siblings. Do you think this would be enough? Click on the video to find out the conclusion.

Her dad died months before her wedding. She cries when her brother tells her to turn around


A father’s dream has always been to get the chance of walking his daughter to the altar. This is the last time that they will walk together as father and a single daughter. For a father, it is a very signifying moment. While making his way with his daughter down the aisle, many things start going through his head. He remembers his daughter’s first steps, her first words and the first day of school.

As a father, I can say that watching your daughter grow is one of the most beautiful, but at the same time most nostalgic experiences you will ever live. And for the couple in the next video, it had a deep meaning. Andrea was about to marry her husband when things changed for them drastically. Her father was diagnosed with cancer and was given a short time to live. Andrea was already engaged when this happened and although she had accepted what would soon happen, she hoped her father would be able to walk her down the aisle. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen that way.

Her wedding would be where she would miss her father the most. Her father had taught her many life lessons, but she felt she still had many things to learn. He father would still live in her memory and everyone at her wedding certainly empathized with her. Her soon-to-be husband had always been very supportive of her and showed her that she was not alone. He would make sure she would never feel alone.

She was also very close to her brother. They had shared many things together and her brother knew exactly how she felt. The void they both had would never be completely filled, but they knew that if they continued to rely on one another for support, it would make almost anything bearable. After their father’s passing Andrea’s brother knew that they would need to make some changes.

He would be the one who would dance with her sister and walk her down the aisle on that special day. He also knew that there must be something he could do to add their father’s touch to the wedding. It would be a fantastic way of paying homage to him.

After some time, he finally realized what he needed to do. The day of the wedding arrived, and everyone was looking forward to seeing what kind of surprise the bride’s brother had in mind. The brother goes to his sister and after a brief wait asks her to turn around. When she does she can’t help but cry!

A dog waits in line for the ice cream truck, watch his reaction when the driver gives him this!


Summertime is a wonderful time to spend with friends and family. Do you remember all those summer days where you would be running through the sprinklers in your neighborhood? I bet it was fun. If you had a bicycle, then you would spend the day and afternoon cruising on your bike as if you didn’t have a care in the world (and you probably didn’t).

Maybe you saw summertime as a time to make some money with a cold lemonade stand. This is a great business idea for everyone with a little entrepreneurial spirit. I never tried this when I was a kid but had a neighbor who did. He would set up a little stall with an umbrella outside his home and wait for customers to walk or drive by.

One other sound of summer you probably remember is the sound of the ice cream truck making its way through your neighborhood. I remember what I was doing the first time I heard it. I was probably 5 years old and coloring one of my books. I heard the sound and asked my mother what it was. When she said it was the ice cream truck, I was already on my way to get that first ice-cream cone.

It was an awesome way to cool off back then. As a matter of fact, it still is. But children are not the only ones looking to cool off in the summer. Our pets have the same needs too. Maybe even more so because of their fur. I had a black Labrador back then and I remember filling the ‘kiddie pool’ we had at home with cold water. I would wait for it to be the hottest outside.

The first time that my black Lab “Blackie” saw me, he didn’t have a clue what I was doing but he knew one thing, he wanted a whole lot of that water. I finished filling the pool with water and invited him in. He could not have enough of that water. First, he lied down for a while with only his head sticking out. He stayed like that for a few minutes and he would dip his head in as well for a few times. The pool, plus the fact that I had set it up in the shade and the mild breeze made my dog feel in heaven.

Well, my dog was not the only one apparently. Reggie, the dog is a cute Staffordshire that loves cooling down in summer. But he’s not a ‘pool dog’ as much as he is an ice cream dog. For him, ice cream seems to have the best of both worlds. He gets to cool down and eat at the same time. Those have got to be the two favorite things for a dog in the summer!

So, sit back and click on this video to watch the heart-melting reaction that this dog has when his pal the ice-cream man pays him a visit with his favorite summer treat!

A man leaves a raw egg in his car on a sweltering day to prove how dangerous a hot car is!


The inside of a car on a scorching summer day is probably one of the hottest locations you will ever find. The reasons why some people continue to leave their pets or even babies in there is something that I don’t quite understand. If people only knew just how hot it can get there, and especially how fast it does, they would probably stop doing this.

I bet you have heard the old saying that says, “It’s so hot outside you could even fry an egg.”. However, one man decided to take the old saying a little further, so he could demonstrate just how deadly the inside of a car can be. He got into his car and drove downtown to simulate an ordinary day running errands. He took with him a thermometer, a frying pan, an egg and that’s it!

I am sure after seeing this demonstration you will think twice before leaving anyone inside your car “for a few minutes.” The reason I stress this a lot is because every year, many dogs die because they are left in overheated automobiles. The owners didn’t think much of this because they were only going to take “a few minutes,” and for some reason ended up forgetting and leaving them much longer than that.

You might be sure that you’re going to take a little while running your errands, but all it takes is one unexpected delay, and the result you’ll have will be a different one altogether. At times people get confused because they are driving with their AC on. So, as soon as they arrive at their destination, the weather doesn’t seem that cold.

Many people believe that it doesn’t get that hot inside. After all, even when they have been absent for a while and then turn back, their vehicle is hot but bearable. This only feels like this because as soon as the owner gets back to the car, he or she starts lowering windows and turning the AC on. It’s only ‘uncomfortable’ for a little while.

The inside of a closed vehicle is completely different. The temperature rises as soon as the car door is closed. It increases at a very rapid rate. So, for the owner, it might just have been 10 minutes, but that day, that’s all it took to take the life of their pet. If you value your pet’s life even a little bit, do not leave your dogs in the car for any sort of extended period. Don’t get overconfident when the climate is cool as well.

But don’t take my word for it. Watch this video to see what the experiment yielded in results and please share it with your family and friends. Sharing it might only take you a minute, but it can work wonders for saving a life!

Dad tells his daughter to turn around during their wedding dance and is left stunned!


Weddings are a very important part of our lives and as such, we do everything in our power to make them memorable. For Lisa Getz and her husband Paul, it would not be any different. They both had several ideas for their dream wedding and had been talking about it for the longest time to see what they could agree on and move forward.

Everyone seemed to have something that they wanted to contribute to. Lisa’s father told them that the only thing that he wanted to completely take care of was the first dance. After all, Lisa was his only daughter, and this would be (hopefully) her first and only dance. The couple agreed and started to care of the other details. The first thing they wanted to narrow down was the guest list.

It might seem like something easy to do but knowing who they are going to invite is very important. They want to invite the most important people in their lives, but they don’t want to leave anyone out. On the other hand, they know they still have plenty of other things they must take care of. They figured that the best way to do this was to each one makes a list and then both decide who they wanted there.

Lisa’s father wanted to make this dance one that his daughter would never forget. They are both fans of country music and more specifically, of Tim McGraw. Lisa’s father knew that the perfect song for this wedding would be the classic, “My Little Girl.” There were a few local groups and singers and could sing this song for them, but Lisa’s dad wanted to have that original artist sound.

He had an awesome idea and made sure he didn’t tell anyone until the final day came. Everyone who was important for them was that day at the wedding. The bride and groom looked stunning and everyone was having the time of their lives. The moment of the first dance finally came and Dave pulled his daughter to the dance floor. Lisa was anxious to see what her father’s surprise was because as she could see, her father had hired a live band to perform. The music starts playing and she can hear her favorite song “My Little Girl”. She had no way of knowing that this would be one of the most exciting experiences for her.

The singer takes the stage and everyone in attendance starts cheering. Then, Dave tells his daughter to turn back towards the stage. It takes her a bit to realize what is going on but when she does, she can’t hold back her tears!

An older man gets evicted with 20 adopted strays, then reporters discover who he is!


This man had been living a quiet life in his home for the last 10 years. The neighbors had always thought of him as being a very nice fellow, a little quiet but very nice. One day, however, he got into a dispute with his landlord. This surprised a lot of the people who knew him, but before he could do anything, he was kicked out along with some cats he had adopted.

This story took place in Binghampton. The neighbors were concerned with his and all his cats’ wellbeing. The neighbors thought of a plan to raise awareness on this issue and they contacted WREG, so they could help them get the word out. The reporters arrived there shortly and were amazed at the number of things that were just lying on the street and the curb.

His furniture was scattered around, and everything looked disorganized. He had stuff from all parts of the house, and if you were looking for something, you would probably have a tough time finding it. Titus, the man who was evicted, is hoping to sell as many items as he can before the day for him to leave the premises arrives. Thanks to the news broadcast, the Memphis Animal Shelter got involved and is actively looking for loving homes for all the cats.

Thanks to their assistance, Titus has managed to take the time to take care of his current predicament. Titus acknowledges that he got in trouble because he started to fall behind on his rent payments. Some of the neighbors also filed complaints regarding Titus’s cats. He is a loving person, but if he is not able to afford the rent, he would not be able to properly have that many of cats in his home. When WREG showed up to interview him, he showed them around his possessions and showed them several newspaper articles that gave the reporter an idea of who he really was.

It turned out that he had built an amazing legacy. So, what happened to all of that? How did he end up in such a precarious situation? His classmates back from his days at Memphis Technical School heard of his predicament and knew they had to do something. Titus is remembered as one of the first African American students to attend the institution, which gave him a sort of celebrity status. Unfortunately, being a local celebrity did not keep him from being kicked out of his home along with his cats.

Thanks to everyone’s efforts, Titus was able to move in with his sister, and his fellow students from Memphis Technical raised $1,000 worth of donations to help him get back on his feet. Click on the video for the full story and the amazing conclusion.

Airport baggage handlers: respectful and dignified on a special occasion


If you’ve ever taken a flight somewhere and put your luggage in checked baggage, you’ve probably seen evidence of less-than-gentle handling. What about the remains of fallen soldiers?

Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is the world’s busiest, handling over 100 million passengers and nearly a million flights every year. It’s long been the main hub of Delta Airlines, with over 1,000 flights a day. Delta’s employees have no shortage of things to do, but there’s a group of them who from time to time will drop everything and report for a special, solemn duty.

They’re the Delta Honor Guard. When a plane arrives with the remains of a fallen soldier, the employees who’ve volunteered for this duty are there to make sure that the caskets are treated with dignity, not like ordinary baggage. Many members of the Honor Guard are themselves veterans of the armed forces. The group’s leader, longtime Delta employee Brian McConnell was himself never in the military, but his father and uncles were and his son is currently in the Air Force. “It’s a sobering experience to stand in tribute while customers on board the airplane and in the terminal, as well as the family and escort look on, but it’s our way of serving our country and ensuring our heroes are well cared for on their journey home.”

The Honor Guard has transported the remains of soldiers from current and past conflicts, going all the way back to the Second World War. In the video posted below, you’ll see the somber and dignified ceremony. The first casket contained the remains of a serviceman located more than 60 years after he was listed as missing-in-action during the Korean War. The second, smaller casket housed bone fragments that had recently been identified and were now on their way to the soldier’s final resting place.

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5 words from a James Brown classic: that’s all the judges needed to hear


For his blind audition on the Dutch edition of “The Voice,” Charly Luske chose a number by James Brown. The buzzers were going off early.

“The Voice” is a reality TV talent show that has a unique way of structuring the competition. The first step is a blind audition. The judges are sitting in chairs facing away from the stage while they listen to the contestant singing. If a judge wants to recruit the contestant to their team, they press a buzzer causing their chair to turn around in dramatic fashion. The teams are managed by coaches although further along in the process, the contestants compete as individuals. The ultimate winner is chosen by the judges, the live audience, and the general public.

James Brown was one of the true icons of American music. His amazing career extended all the way from the 1940s to the early 2000s. Brown’s influence on soul and rhythm-and-blues cannot be overstated and while he was at it, he also pioneered the funk sound. Brown managed to simultaneously be a singer, songwriter, dancer, band leader, and record producer. There can be no doubt he earned the title “Godfather of Soul.”

Charley Luske chose James Brown’s 1966 classic “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” for his blind audition. All of about five words into the song, Luske had done such a great job channeling the late Godfather of Soul that all the judges hit their buzzers. Everyone wanted this amazing singer on their team! Within seconds, the judges and the live audience were giving Luske a standing ovation. His family was backstage, watching on a monitor. They knew he was off to a good start, but couldn’t believe it when the judges’ chairs whirled around so quickly.

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Kidnap attempt is foiled by quick thinking – you really need to know how


Many parents will know that their children don’t always listen to them – especially when they’re going through those difficult teenage years and you just can’t seem to get anything right! But this is one situation that proves that even though it might seem like they’re ignoring you – they are subconsciously learning some lifesaving advice!

Jordon Dinsmore is a student at the University of South Carolina, an area which has seen an alarming rise in kidnapping and assault in recent years. Attacks have been taking place at off-campus housing areas, and students have been warned to be extra vigilant. Jordon had finished work one evening when she was jumped by three men as she exited her vehicle. Her assailants were armed, and they forced her back into her car.

They followed the usual M.O of such attacks and ordered Jordon to drive to an ATM and steal as much money as they possibly could. The criminals have then been known to assault their victims, and they continued to force Jordon to go against her will. But luckily, it was at this moment the student remembers some very important advice that her mom gave her.

“Never let an attacker take you away from the public eye.” As Jordon emotionally recalls in a press conference in the footage below, her mother was attacked herself and managed to heroically fight the man off, and later passed on this sage advice to her daughter. As her mother also explains – she never knows when Jordon is listening, but this is one time she clearly was!

And what excellent advice it turned out to be. Jordon left her seatbelt unbuckled, and before she could allow the perpetrators to force her to drive somewhere secluded, she made a daring leap from the vehicle as it was still moving. She got lucky again when neither of the remaining attackers could drive a manual transmission, and she managed to notify the police shortly after. It wasn’t long before men matching the criminal’s description were in custody – the same men responsible for the recent crime spate in the area.

Officer’s dubbed Jordon “James Bond” for her quick-thinking stunt, all thanks to her mom’s persistence in giving her potentially lifesaving advice. Watch her incredible story below and pass on these words of wisdom – you never know when they might come in handy and help you or your loved ones, and as the reporter says – “talk to your kids – you never know when they might be listening!”

Toddler wants a haircut, does it herself, and then has a little chat with dad


There are good reasons they make safety scissors for children. Kids are naturally curious and will experiment with all sorts of things – after all, you aren’t born knowing everything and have to find out one way or another. Not all of these experiments go so well, but that’s part of figuring out how the world works. In this instance, a little girl learned that cutting hair is a job best left to a professional!

A thoroughly charming three year-old girl named Ashleigh decided to give herself a haircut. It’s looks like she got at just about everywhere she could reach. The result is that from the front it looks like a good haircut… for a businessman! But in the back, there’s something resembling a mullet. Perhaps this look she’s invented will become the latest in “business casual.” Or not.

In the video posted below, Ashleigh and her dad have a little discussion about her misadventure in hair cutting. She says she did it because Miss Jessica cuts hair. It’s not a surprising explanation: in fact, it’s quite common for small children to try and imitate things they see adults doing. When dad points out that Jessica went to school to learn how it’s done, Ashleigh adds, “I want to know how to do weaving too.” After admitting she shouldn’t cut hair when she doesn’t know how, she comes up with an excuse: “I was just practicing today.” The father-daughter conference continues for a little bit and ends with an absolutely hilarious request from the would-be coiffeuse.

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Meet the man in charge of raising each generation of Budweiser Clydesdales


The famous Budweiser Clydesdales draw crowds wherever they go. Getting just the right horses for the job is so important that Anheuser-Busch breeds the horses in-house.

The story goes back to 1933. When Prohibition came to an end, August “Gussie” Busch, Jr., son of the company’s president, decided to celebrate by surprising his father with a wagon pulled by a team of Clydesdales. This soon became a company tradition and then an American tradition. The horses tour the country, not only promoting the brand but also giving people a rare chance to see the kind of draft horses that did the heavy lifting back in the olden days. The Budweiser Clydesdales have appeared in numerous television commercials and every year there’s a special ad made for the Super Bowl.

The majestic horses are born and bred at the Warm Springs Ranch, situated on 300 rolling acres in Boonville, Missouri. The supervisor of the Clydesdale Breeding Facility and its 70 horses is John Soto, who’s worked with the horses for 35 years. While his job title is “supervisor,” the work includes being a beautician, a mother hen, and a birthing coach. He guides the horses from foaling through their toddler and teen phases. Not just any Clydesdale can join the team. They have to have the right look. As Soto describes one horse: “Duke is the perfect example of what we’re trying to breed in one of our horses. He has the white face, the four white legs, this nice bay color, and the dark mane and tail.”

Soto’s favorite Super Bowl commercial is the one from 2013, which focuses on the bond between rancher and horse. “That whole commercial, especially, is kind of what we do. You raise the baby up, he goes on the hitch. Of course they usually don’t come up and give us a big hug when we see them. But that was one that hit closest to home for what we do.”

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