She grabs his hand to dance and the crowd goes wild with their swinging dance moves

Swing music gets the feet tapping and the body moving. Check out this awesome performance by these two swing dancing performers if you don’t believe us.

There is no dance quite like swing. And to paraphrase that famous song, ‘it don’t mean a thing without it’.

Sophie and Thomas put on an awesome performance to the song ‘Bei Mir Bist Du Schon’. Throughout the entire performance, they were moving on the dance floor and having a ton of fun.

Their movements on the dance floor are like an artist painting on a canvas. Thomas has some good moves on his own, but we dare say that Sophie stole the show.

If you haven’t seen swing dancing in a long time, you’re in for quite a treat. You might even get up and start dancing yourself.

It’s performances like this where we look forward to seeing more of this couple. But until then, enjoy the show and watch these two in action.

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