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8 year-old girl wows The Voice judges: singing and playing a plastic cup?


Normally it takes a lot of practice to become a truly great singer. However, there are a lucky few who can sing beautifully from a young age. An 8 year-old girl named Larissa who appeared on “The Voice” is a prime example.

“The Voice” is a reality talent show program where contestants perform songs in blind auditions (the judges can’t see them) and during their performance, the judges can decide whether to recruit a contestant to their team by hitting a button that causes their chair to swivel around dramatically and face the stage. The teams are managed by coaches who ultimately decide which contestants advance to the next round, where they’ll compete as individuals. There are numerous national and regional versions of “The Voice” and also some kids editions.

8 year-old Larissa was a contestant on the German version of “The Voice Kids.” The interesting thing is that although it’s made for a German-speaking audience, this edition of the show is popular with a worldwide audience. Larissa was there to wow everyone with her version of the song “Cups,” based on the 1931 song “When I’m Gone” by the folk music group The Carter Family. In 2009, Luisa Gerstein and Heloise Tunstall-Behrens of Lulu and the Lampshades created the “Cups” version where it’s sung a capella except that a cup is used as a percussion instrument. Their video was a huge success on-line but “Cups” became even more famous when it was performed by Anna Kendrick in the 2012 movie “Pitch Perfect.”

As you’ll see (and hear) in the video posted below, Larissa has an absolutely amazing voice. It took scarcely more than ten seconds for the first judge to hit his buzzer and before long, all three chairs had swiveled around. Offstage, Larissa’s family was ecstatic to the point of jumping up and down.

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Dad says “Hello” to pup, dogs reply with have you in stiches


If you own a dog you will know that they are very smart and can understand what you are saying. Some dogs have a huge vocabulary of words and phrases that they understand. I have two dogs, a Rottweiler cross and a bitser, and they both understand certain words quite clearly. For instance, when I say the word “Dinner” they both come running. Our rotty also understands words like “Beach”, “Car” “Walk”, “Biscuit” and a whole lot more. You will notice that the words are all words associated with rewards, and I guess this is why they tend to remember these key words.

We have always had dogs in our home, and we have always trained then to understand things we say that are directed at them. Certain dogs pickup on language quicker than others, some to quickly it sometimes seems as they surprise you when you least expect it. Our dog can even tell the difference between the sounds of my car keys, compared to that of my scooter. If she hears the car keys she comes running, thinking that dad is going to take her for a drive, one of her favorite pastimes.

One thing that we, as dog owners, don’t expect is for our dogs to answer back. We all remember ‘Mr. Ed” the talking horse, that 60’s television show where a chap called Wilber owned a remarkable horse that would solve all his problems for him. It was a great show, I used to love watching it as a kid. And who could forget “Francis, the talking mule” another one of my favorites. But we all know that these are just television shows, and that in real life animals can’t talk.

Dogs have the ability to communicate with us, experts are quoted as saying that “Dogs vocalize with each other to convey emotions, and they express their emotions by varying their tones” he goes on to say “So it pays for dogs to be sensitive to different tones. Dogs are able to imitate humans as well as they do pick up on the differences in our tonal patterns”. That explains the different sounds that dogs make when they are excited, angry, playful. Inquisitive or even just plain old naughty, but to actually mimic a human is a little over the top, don’t you think?

Click on the link below to witness what could be the world’s first talking dog. Its human says hello as the talkative-terrier-tail-wags with happiness. What you won’t believe is the response this clever-canine comes back with, it will leave you in stitches.

We all know that dogs can’t talk right? We know that their brains aren’t capable of speech, Right? Or do we?

Good samaritan sees motionless dog on the road, see what happen when he tries to move her


The dictionary defines the word miracle as “1. A marvelous event manifesting a supernatural act of a divine agent, or 2. Any amazing or wonderful event”. In the clip below the word miracle describe a little dog left to die on the side of the road after being hit by a motor vehicle.

There is nothing worse than coming across an injured or dead animal on the road. The questions of what shall we do? How can we help? Come into you head as you are confronted with the carnage before you. Feelings of guilt or even helplessness come to you and you are caught between staying and seeing what you can do, or leaving and carrying on with your day.

Californian man David Loop was driving around his local neighborhood when he came across what every animal lover dreads, a seemingly dead dog lying in the middle of a busy freeway. His thoughts were simple, “I can’t just leave the poor dog there” so he turned around, got out of the car and placed the lifeless animal on the verge. After saying a silent prayer, then standing to go back to his vehicle, he noticed that the motionless dog’s eyes blinked, it seemed that the severely injured dog was indeed still alive.

He ran back to his car to collect some blankets, picked up the dog and rushed her to his local vet. When he arrived the animal was just hanging on to life and David was told that the prognosis was not very good. He decided there and then that this little pooch needed to be helped regardless and instructed the hospital to do what they could to save this special little dog.

When he returned the next morning she was in a coma and was not looking very good. It seemed that she was a fighter but her battle for life was only just beginning. The next day David went to church and decided that it would be best if she was put out of her misery, a decision that broke his heart. He returned to the hospital, not to find a dog near death, but an alert little pup that looked like it might just beat the odds after all.

He named her Miracle because she had come back from near death with a determination to live that he had never witnessed before. She was eating by herself and seemed to be very happy, even though she was blind. It was decided that after the eighth day she was ready for surgery where her leg had to be pinned and screwed and her pelvis reattached to her spine. This little dog was certainly a miracle after all that she had been through, though her fight was not over yet as you will see in the clip below. It is a lovely story of friendship and survival, but I will warn you, the video will bring a tear or two to your eyes.

Dad asks toddler to sing Old MacDonald, Her version is unforgettable


The classic nursery rhyme “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” has been with us since time and memorial it seems, but do know where its roots lie? It is believed that the songs origins are from the 1719 song called “Kingdom of the Birds” from the “Thomas D’Urfrey opera called “Wit and Mirth” or “Pills to Purge Melancholy” but the earliest version of what we know today as “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” only dates back to the early 1900’s. In the book from 1917 called “Tommy’s Tunes” a collection of “World War 1” era songs, by the author “F.T.Netteingham, the song called “Ohio” has very similar lyrics.

Whatever the history of this well-liked children’s song, the fact remains that it is still as popular today with families as it has ever been. It is a great song to teach children about the different animals found on farms all over the world, and the difference noises the these animals make. The pig, an oink oink here, the dog, a woof woof there, the donkey, here a hee haw, the cow, there a moo, it is all a lot of fun, just how learning should be.

In the clip below, dad has asked his little girl Josie, to sing “Old MacDonald Had a Farm”. Now Josie is only 23-months-old and is a natural when it comes to being in front of the camera. By the looks of this clip there is not a shy bone in her body, and she is enjoying every minute of being in the limelight. You will notice in her hand she has a special “glove book” with all the animals on it to remind her of where she is in the story.

At first she has a trouble with the word pig, but after a little practice she finally masters this extremely hard word, and with a huge smile on her face she continues the song, animal noises and all. You can her dad in the background enjoying the pitch-perfect-performance by his special little angel. She stares straight into the camera lens and starts the next verse without a hiccup.

Now some of you might recognize little Josie. You see she is no stranger to the camera and fame, her dad has uploaded other videos of her performances and she has received more that 10-million-hits on the internet, this must be some sort of a record for someone so young. Imagine the amount of hits she would of had by the time she turns the ripe-old-age of 5.

This clip is just so adorable that it will leave a smile on your face all day. The innocence of the young is so sweet, it reminds us all that the world is not such a bad place after all.

Puppy cries with baby after hysterically stealing his cookie


Mans-best-friend, the dog, is called that for several reasons. Dogs are incredibly loyal to their person and will love them un-conditionally. It’s true, but they do have certain requirements, such as baths, walks, pampering…..oh….and FOOD. Some dogs just live for their next meal, some dogs are so food aggressive that you would think they had not eaten for days. While others are as gentle as a mouse when it comes to dinner time. Our dogs at home know when it is 5pm, that’s the time that they get fed every day, and they seem to know exactly when dinner time is. Just before 5 they start to hang around, then should the clock tick past this most important hour, they will let you know by giving you the occasional nudge, all in a loving way of course.

Babies and puppies have always had incredible friendships. It’s amazing to watch what is of essentially two children growing up together. It seems that when paired at such an early age, babies and puppies create a special bond that only they seem to understand. They share everything, well that is to say that the puppy receives everything from the baby, especially when they are not paying attention to their little canine friends.

In the clip below, a puppy and his best friend are sharing a cookie. Now I should probably explain the word sharing a little better. It seems that our baby friend has something that our puppy friend wants. The object of both of their attention is a cookie that mom has given her pride and joy. Being a little hungry himself, the dog-come-dinner-guest decides that he should probably share a little of the delicious morsel with his best friend. On the first taste of the snack he decides that maybe he should “share” a bit more……….oh what the heck, it’s too good, I’ll have the lot. In a flash the cookie is gone and the baby is left holding nothing but a crumb.

Now baby doesn’t like this scenario very much, and once he realizes that he is no longer in possession of his favorite-food he decides that now may be a good time to protest, and immediately starts to cry. On seeing this reaction, our puppy friend decides that this might be a good idea and start to cry along with his besty. Of course, baby is crying because he has lost his cookie, whereas puppy is crying because he thinks that if their ploy works, another cookie may suddenly appear.

Click on the link below and enjoy the fun of two best friends sharing a special moment together. You can’t help but laugh at the antics of this not-so-shy little puppy and his hungry friend.

Brave little chihuahua hounds massive great dane in the most delightful assault ever seen


We all know the story of “David and Goliath”, the underdog defeating the giant with a single stone and sling. Well the video below takes this story to another level indeed. In this case Goliath is a Great Dane named Vago, while David is a 12-week-old-Chihauhaua named Lilly. Unlike the original story, our David and Goliath are only playing, but are certainly drawing a crowd.

These two unlikely playmates met for the first time at “The Forks” in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. And seemed to fall in love straight away. Lilly, being a small dog with what is commonly known as “Small Dog Syndrome” thinks that she is ten-foot-tall and had no fear whatsoever. Vago on the other hand, is just trying not to stand on her a squash their new found friendship. Just to be on the safe side, Vago’s person is keeping a sharp eye out to make sure no harm comes to either of them.

Friendships amongst animals have been seen on YouTube many times, all sorts of different creatures becoming friends in some of the most bizarre circumstances, but this cute-canine-courtship is just a little bit special. The size difference between these two soon-to-be-inseparable pooches is HUGE. In fact little Lilly isn’t even the size of massive Vago’s head. One slip of the tongue and bite size Lilly could be in big trouble.

Grate Danes are known to be a very gentle giant and this clip shows just how true this is. Vago senses that Lilly just wants to play and is very careful not to be too overwhelming for her, just lying on his side letting this mighty-midget do her stuff. At one point Vago even starts to flea Lilly on her tummy, a bit like a shark kissing a sardine, those teeth must look so big to a 12-week-old puppy, but that doesn’t phase out hero, and up she gets ready for more action.

The world has seen too many David and Goliath stories, where the underdog is not always the winner, but the giant with all the power bullies their way to victory. People mostly go for the little man in a conflict like this, but in the back of their minds there is already a doubt about who may preside and who may concede.

The interaction between this David and Goliath is so sweet to watch. It is amazing how two so completely different breeds of dog can get on so well, especially after only meeting for the first time. There almost seems to be a sense of fairness shown by the much larger animal, a thing that we humans could certainly learn from.

Click on the link below and just enjoy the moment that these two adorable-adversaries fell for each other.

19-yr-old sleeps with her dogs every night, goes into shock when she discovers the truth


My wife and I have always been dog lovers, so-much-so that we have never been without a four-legged-friend our whole married life. They have been a source of happiness for us and our children as well as sadness when you inevitably have to say goodbye to your beloved pet. Most of our dogs have been strays that have just turned up at our house. It’s as if we have a neon-sign out the front saying “Come on in, Great home for the homeless”.

We once had a beautiful little Bull Terrier called Digger. He was an amazing little dog, but again, a stray. Our oldest son was walking to school one day when this black-and-tan-terrier started to follow him. Now Daniel, our son loves dogs, so I am pretty sure he would not have shooed him away. The dog “Apparently” sat outside the school waiting for Daniel, then followed him home. When I arrived home from work there were two dogs waiting to greet me, we already had a German Shepard cross.

Some months later we were all heartbroken when our shepherd “Kiff” suddenly passed away, this was doubly upsetting because it was on our daughter’s birthday and sadly she didn’t get the chance to say goodbye. We had Digger for some years when once again I came home to find a rather large Mastiff-Dane cross waiting for me in the laundry. “Sorry dad” was our youngest son’s reaction to my obvious shock, “it was here when I got home from school, I don’t know where it came from”. The gigantic pooch, who we decided to call “Scooby” had enormous feet, which we all knew he would eventually grow into.

So as you can see, dogs have been a bit part of me and my family’s life’s forever. Like most dog lovers, we would let our dogs sleep on our beds on occasion. There were some mornings were my wife and I would find three kids and a dog asleep with us, not a lot of room when the dog was a Mastiff, let me tell you. I am sure that we are not the only people to let our dogs sleep with us.

But have you ever though what our furry-friends might be carrying on their bodies? The television program “Inside Edition” decided to investigate just what potentially dangerous diseases mans-best-friend has hiding on them. They had two case studies to work with. One, a 19-year-old-girl named Leah, and the other, a woman named Shauna. Leah has three dogs who she lets sleep with her every night, Shauna has two dogs and also lets them sleep on her bed. The investigating journalist took swabs from all of the dogs to have them tested in the laboratory.

The results of these tests will have you thinking twice about letting your much-loved-dogs share the same bed with you again.

Beagle gets distracted, leaves dog show audience in hysterics


If you were a Beagle, and you were performing at one of the most prestigious dog shows in the US, what do you think would be your biggest distraction………well for Mia the beagle, the answer is…….everything.

The “Westminster Dog Show” or as it is more commonly known “America’s Dog Show” has been running every year since 1877. This 4 day event is the pièce-de-résistance of the dog-eat-dog competition circuit. There have been many champions come from this event, but unfortunately, Mia was not one of them. This cute-canine-come-comedian started off on the right foot, and appeared to be heading for a great run. But as we know, things can get a little heady for these temperamental little pooches.

Everything was going great guns for Mia, until something caught her eye and distracted her from the task ahead. “Don’t be a Beagle, Don’t be a Beagle” the commentator was heard to call as Mia stopped looked round, sniffed the grass then finally took the time to have a little lick and a clean. Then up she got and away she went again. By this time the audience were in stiches over the antics of this “There’s-to-much-to-look-at terrier.

Her next unexpected move took everybody by surprise. Around the course she goes, then up the bridge…..but wait…….what’s that? She stops on top of the structure, turns around and looks straight a camera recording the event………The look on her face now has even the commentators in hysterics as she eyes off the cameraman with an inquisitive glance, Then once she is satisfied that he looks ok, she turn and heads down the other side of the bridge.

She then navigates a few more jumps but knocks off the crossbars of one. “Oh she’s knocked a bar down” say the commentator, only to be met with a bark of disapproval from Mia. “Oh you didn’t”? Enquires our intrepid announcer, “Oh Ok” as once again the crowd burst into laughter. Then up and over the next hurdle barking at the excited crowd as she goes “Oh, Want to say hello do you” the voice over the PA announces much to the pleasure of the audience.

Then finally the little Beagle with the big heart crosses the finish line to the cheers and applause of all the crowd. Her trainer picks her up and her tail can’t stop wagging, as if to know she was definitely the star of the show. But the commentator has the last word which everyone in the auditorium agreed with, “That was a delightfully entertaining run”

Click on the link below and enjoy Mia, as the not-so-bashful-beagle sets off in full flight as she entertains and delights the crowd of new Mia Fans.

Being the world's oldest dance crew, the net can't get enough of their extraordinary moves


On the 22 of February 2011, the New Zealand city of Christchurch was hit by a devastating earthquake. It was 12:51 on a Tuesday afternoon, the city was a bustle as people were on their lunch breaks from work or in their offices and jobs all over the metropolitan area. The quake measured 6.3 on the “Richter Scale” causing wide spread damage and taking the lives of 183 people. This was to become the nation’s fifth deadliest disaster on record. The previous year the city had been struck by a 7.1 magnitude earthquake leaving the central city and the eastern suburbs buildings and infrastructure already weakened. Even though the 2011 quake only lasted 10-seconds, the damage was so significant that the city would never be the same again.

Of the 185 people that perished in the tragedy, 115 of them were in the same building. The “Canterbury Television Building” (CTV) collapsed and caught fire trapping all inside, another 18 died in the collapse of the PGC House, and yet another 8 died while traveling on a bus that was struck by falling debris. 6500 people were treated for injuries sustained during the quake, with the last survivor being rescues a full day after the earthquake stuck the city.

One of those injured in this tragedy was a woman by the name of Billie Jordan. After recovering from her injuries she started to realize just how precious the gift of life is, and how we can sometimes take this for granted. Billie decided that she needed a life change, she packed her bags and headed to “Waiheke Island” off the coast of New Zealand’s north island. Billie became involved with a senior citizens home there and found that the residence felt the same way she did, that they were wasting away their lives doing nothing, so she founded the “Hip Hop Operation” dance group in 2012.

With no formal dance training, but huge attitude and determination she set herself and her group a goal. Billie said “I thought I would start a dance group, I’m not a dancer at all, I’ve got no idea of how to dance. Anyway, I noticed that they loved it!” the goal she set was simple, in 8-months-time we are going to perform in the “World Hip Hop Championships”. This was a very ambitions statement, as the average age of the group was over 80-years-young.

The 22 members of the troupe put in the hours of rehearsals that were required to achieve their dream, and true to her word, Billie had the “Hip Hop Operation” performing at the championships. These dedicated-die-hards may not have won, but they did make it into the “Guinness Book of Records” as the “World’s Oldest Dance Team”. An achievement that they are all so proud of.

Worst team in Family Feud history? Their answers are ridiculous!


Family Feud has long been an extremely popular game show in the states and abroad, and it’s seen its fair share of crazy moments, silly answers and great family performances down there years. With many fun games played at home too with the board game version. But perhaps none more so than this team – and one lady in particular who has the audience in stitches with her answers.

The question posed by host Steve Harvey is “what is another way that people say, mother?” And with the two-top answers already being taken, this team decide to play anyway. It’s then that one family member keeps on repeating the same word – much to the hilarity of the audience and Steve himself!

No matter how many times Steve goes back to ask Sheila for a new answer she just says the same thing, only slightly different. Steve has to actually tell the audience to stop laughing and clapping while he gets to the bottom of this – which only has people rolling in the aisles even more. Even Sheila’s own family members are wiping away the tears of laughter!

With the other family looking like they’ve got a strong chance to steal and win the game, Sheila continues to give terrible answers – repeating ones that already have been said. Steve just can’t believe it and it makes this video a painful watch. If you can even manage to get through it we’ll be very impressed!

“Nana” offers Sheila, who clearly hasn’t heard that another family member already has provided that answer. When prompted again, she responds with “mommy” – only with an inflexion at the end of the word to make it sound different! Steve just loses it and riffs on the mistake for some time and has everyone watching clutching their sides. He even manages to get in a tap dance, and addresses the audience directly saying – “you’re never gonna be able to survive this episode!”

How he made it through this section of the show is beyond us – as is how on earth this family managed to become contestants! One things for sure though – it’s all in good fun and it makes for great entertainment. Check out the video below to witness Family Feud’s worst contestant ever – and don’t forget it next time you’re playing the home version with your family!

A Lion called “Bonedigger” has some other animals in his cage – you won’t believe what they are!


Lions are known for being one of the most feared and deadly beasts on the planet. You don’t get the title “king of the jungle” without being a bad-ass! They very nearly share top-of-the-food-chain with us, and so anything or anyone that ventures into their territory is a very brave creature indeed!

So, this video clip will quite possibly astound you – and have you scratching your head trying to figure out what’s going on! This zoo in Oklahoma decided – for reasons unclear – to introduce four, tiny Dachshund puppies to Bonedigger’s enclosure. With a name like that you might think this to be an extremely bad idea – but who knew that the unlikely pairings would become the best of friends?!

And the carnivorous, super-hunter has taken a particularly strong liking to one of the pups, and the two have become inseparable. The little Dachshund is called Abby, and it’s clear that size doesn’t matter in this situation! Although the mighty Bonedigger dwarfs the pooch, they haven’t let that stop a blossoming friendship. Bonedigger seems to really enjoy the company of all his enclosure buddies!

And not only that, but the zookeeper who enters the den is causing something of a stir on YouTube too. While he appears just as fearless as the puppies, viewers have noticed that he has metal legs – and they’ve been speculating what might have happened. While it is not revealed in the video – we would dearly like to know this brave man’s story too – but sincerely hope that is not how Bonedigger got his name!

It’s astounding to watch a human; a big cat and four pups share the same space – as if it were a completely normal occurrence! Quite why the Dachshunds were introduced into the enclosure is also a mystery – but it seems to be working. At least for now anyway – as one viewer comments that Bonedigger is simply waiting for some ketchup and mustard!

All joking aside, we think it’s awesome that these animals are getting along so well and living in peace – even though they’re completely different and couldn’t be further apart! Maybe it’s a story we could all learn from to exist in a more tolerant society. Animals can really teach us a few things! Watch the video below and enjoy trying to figure out what on earth is going on!

A cop shatters a car window to save a baby from a hot car only to learn it was a very bad call!


Police officers have a very tough job. Many times, they need to make life-changing decisions at a moment’s notice. So, when police got a call to report a babysitting alone in a car on a scorching summer day, they made sure they sent someone right away. The scorching summer heat had been responsible for many pets and even people losing their life or ending up in very bad shape as a result of having been left alone in a car.

Everything took place at a shopping center parking lot in New Hampshire. The officer arrived at the scene and located the vehicle. There, he saw a blanket that had been draped over the car seat. What shocked him was that he saw a set of tiny feet sticking out from under the blanket. The officer knew he needed to act fast because he didn’t know how long the baby had been there.

The temperature was very high and was well over 90 degrees and in the officer’s mind, he would need to break the car window and pull the baby to safety. Using his baton, he shattered the glass and pulled the child from the vehicle. By that time, some people had called an ambulance, but Jason (the officer) was worried it wouldn’t get there on time and the baby would pass away.

The officer was unaware, but the scene had begun to draw a large crowd who were also concerned about the child’s safety. The baby’s skin looked very pale and blotchy. The baby was obviously dehydrated which by itself and the extreme heat were major concerns. When he had the baby in his arms, he realized something that was mind-boggling. The baby was not only not even alive, and it actually looked like a super realistic doll. Actually, that’s what it was.

The officer then worked on locating the vehicle’s owner. Her name was Carolynne. She was also the owner of the doll. She had left her car for a while because she had gone to get a haircut at the local Super Cuts when all this went down. When she found out the damage that had been caused to her vehicle, she was very upset. Despite this, the officer chose to stand by his decision. He said he had no way of knowing that it was a doll.

Now that you see everything from the officer’s point of view, consider this: How would you know that an expensive and realistic doll would be sitting in a car on a scorching summer day? And most importantly, what was it doing inside? I am sure you can’t wait to find out what happened next!

The principal gives some strangers the keys to the gym and comes back to see THIS!


John F. Miller School is one of the most important educational institutions that serve disabled children in the city of Las Vegas. This does not mean they have deep pockets, but they do everything they can to make sure that the children can still learn together. Students who study here go from three years old to 22. Most of the children need a wheelchair to get around, there are quite a few other disabilities that patients have here.

The parents of the children who go to this school have a huge responsibility. For starters, they are responsible for the medical bills that their children need to be paid, but they also need to consider the tuition bills that the school has established. The principal knows about the parents’ sacrifice and when times comes for graduation, they are not quite sure how many of the children will actually be at the ceremony.

In the meantime, the faculty staff keep working with the students and are actually very proud of them and the children’s parents are the proudest of them all. They realize that all their sacrifices have been worth it. This is an outstanding milestone for everyone to have reached. It has served as a testimony that there are no boundaries that can keep anyone from reaching their dreams.

Even though the school would like to throw out a great celebration once graduation comes, the school’s budget does not always allow for that. This is when the Fox 5 Surprise Squad comes in. They learned that the school was going through some money problems and that they would probably be able to only afford a few balloons. The principal allowed the Squad to work overnight in the school’s gym, so they could work their magic and turn the gym into the beautiful ceremonial space it needs to be. Let me say that these volunteers did some excellent work.

The Surprise Squad needed to go deep into their pockets for this one. They gathered the best talent including a bunch of event planners and the station’s on-air talent. Thanks to all these people’s efforts, the managed to create an event area that would wow both students and their parents. When the event planners were asked about what they got out of it, they said that it was all about the children’s faces when they saw the result.

The Surprise Squad has changed many people’s lives and we can all do. Just by nominating a person you think needs a helping hand we can make good things happen to good people. If you want to check out this amazing surprise just click on the video!

Her husband finally finishes building his dream 500k gallon pool. You won’t believe the result!


Whenever the heat becomes too much to bear, what to do you? I can tell you there are few things better for beating the heat during the summer months than spending time in the pool. I remember what it was like being young and spending all day there.

Nowadays, fewer people are building a pool in their backyards than before. So, when someone builds one, they end up sharing that cool space with others.

Honestly, most people do not mind sharing, either. After all, what good is a pool if you cannot share it with the people you love, right? We know that having a pool built can be very expensive, so what some people decide to do is, do it themselves. The man if the video you are about to watch is named Micky Thornton. He is a guy who considers himself to be a little bit of a handyman. He and his wife moved to a small town outside of Memphis, when he saw his new home, he knew that it would not be complete without his dream pool.

Fortunately for the couple, they had ample land to use for this. His wife Jane was all for this, but she had a little bit of a condition: the pool would have to be far from the house. This made Micky have to dig into a pasture that was near the home. He tried to talk his wife into agreeing to have it closer to the home but could not get his wife to budge one bit.

He found out fast that creating his swimming pool on that type of terrain that was destined to be his greatest challenge. The pool would be about the same size as a farm pond and would contain around half a million gallons of water. Micky said he wanted to create a pool where people felt space would not be an issue. He didn’t want to create a pool such as the ones he had experienced as a young child where he would feel cramped in a small space.

What started as just a swimming pool project turned into a water-park-like project. It has become so popular that he is often asked to rent his private space for many other private events like baptisms and prom photos. The park has become so popular that it has even received numerous rave reviews online. This has gotten him newfound popularity and more work. Would you like to see how it looks? Check it out!