153 Mile Store turns from shop to museum of old goodies

Many significant places in your childhood memories can give sentimental attachment to your heart whenever you think or imagine it.

Certain places such as parks, river banks, playgrounds, and even your own childhood room could give you a sudden flashback of your childhood scenes. While most of that is true, there are still other places that can provide a nostalgic vibe.

Surprisingly, an old general store in British Columbia named 153 Mile Store offers that kind of nostalgia when you visit its inside. It was closed in 1963 when the owner unexpectedly passed away inside the store.

Decades later, the villagers decided to open the forgotten general store. They were stunned upon seeing all the unsold items. From jewelry to cigars, and even up to different mechanical devices, all was intact inside.

The store might look old and rugged from the outside, but once you enter, you’ll be surprised at how everything looks totally brand new. It’s as if the store restocked yesterday.

From being a general store, this place has suddenly become a museum of old and unsold goodies from the ’90s. The only difference from a classic museum is that almost every item still looks fresh and new.

This general store shares a huge historical memory of that town. Luckily, some people willingly offer their help and support in maintaining the place.

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153 Mile Store turns from shop to museum of old goodies