Unreal guitar cover of John Denver’s ‘Country Roads’

Some talents defy our imaginations and prove that anything is possible. Luca Stricagnoli is an Italian guitar player who rose to fame on his Youtube channel. He covers famous songs and interprets them with his own vision.

Image Credit: Madly Odd

In this performance video, Luca delivers his rendition of John Denver’s classic ‘Country Roads.’ The beloved song gets a new twist by Luca’s incredible guitar technique. He uses both hands and every finger to create phenomenal sounds.

Luca has a double-necked guitar that he plays with both hands. His left hand covers the accompaniment while his right hand plays an amazing slide guitar on the lead melody.

Image Credit: Madly Odd

He started playing classical guitar at the age of 10. His unique ability and innovation on the instrument are beyond comparison. Watching his performance is mesmerizing.

Luca performs in a field, sitting in front of an old shed. He is wearing a cowboy hat looking relaxed as he plays the most complex guitar playing you might ever witness.

Image Credit: Madly Odd

His style combines the popular country guitar styles of steel guitar and finger-picking. Luca can’t strum like a typical guitarist because he uses his right hand to play the slide guitar part.

This fantastic guitar sensation presents John Denver’s song in a completely new light. However, he still honors the classic tune that everyone knows and loves. It is still impossible to avoid singing along with the song!

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Unreal guitar cover of John Denver\'s ‘Country Roads’