Pentatonix Transforms ‘Sound of Silence’ into a Haunting Masterpiece

As fellow music lovers, you’ll appreciate the journey we’re about to embark on. Let’s cast our minds back to 1964, the year when Simon and Garfunkel bestowed upon the world their timeless classic, “The Sound of Silence.” Now, flash forward to February 15, 2019, when the indomitable Pentatonix graced the same tune with their distinctive a cappella flair.

The Journey of Pentatonix

The trajectory of Pentatonix has been as harmonious as their melodies. Rising from their triumph in NBC’s The Sing-Off back in 2011, they have since become a global sensation. Their secret? A unique fusion of exquisite harmonies, infectious percussion, and dynamic beatboxing. Each cover they undertake is injected with a pop-style twist that’s unmistakably their own. It’s like watching a well-tailored suit suddenly befit a whole new personality.

The path could have been smoother, however. Dropped by their record label, the band continued. Instead, they took their music to YouTube and amassed an impressive following of over 16 million subscribers. It’s not just us, their fans, that have noticed their talent; the accolades they’ve garnered are testament to their prowess – three Grammys and countless other awards adorn their mantelpiece.

The Sound of Silence Like Never Before

Now, they’ve set their sights on Simon and Garfunkel’s iconic track, “The Sound of Silence.” Imagine a well-loved classic draped in a fresh new garb of haunting harmonies and five captivating voices. That’s the gift Pentatonix has given us.

Scott Hoying leads the charge, lending his smooth voice to a song taken to a darker realm through a lower key. The harmonies build, the percussions amplify, and the tenor Mitch Grassi effortlessly takes over. The performance is nothing short of an orchestrated dance between voices.

Meet the Voices Behind the Magic

Then enters Matt Sallee, the newest member, his rich bass voice effortlessly integrating with the choir. Wearing white amidst a sea of black, he adds an element of visual contrast as intriguing as his voice. Is it to highlight his powerful vocals or simply for aesthetic appeal? We’ll leave that to you.

Kirstin Maldonado, the lone female vocalist, holds her ground alongside her male counterparts, balancing the scales with the range and fullness of her voice. What we get is a finely tuned balance, creating a fresh rendition of the song that’s undeniably Pentatonix.

Their Gift to Us

The result? An enchanting blend of familiar style and breathtaking new techniques. As the melody ebbs and flows, it’s hard to believe it’s only their voices painting this musical landscape, not a single instrument in sight. As the song fades away, we’re left in the echoing remnants of their silence.

Because this performance truly is a spectacle that only Pentatonix could pull off, we urge you to watch the video below. If you experience the same goosebumps we did, remember to share the joy with your friends and engage in the conversation below.

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Pentatonix Transforms \'Sound of Silence\' into a Haunting Masterpiece