Johnny Carson Shows Off Elegant Dance Moves With Ginger Rogers

Johnny Carson was a beloved television host for decades. The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson was one of America’s favorite shows thanks to the endless supply of star-studded guests.

Carson was witty, wholesome, talented, caring, and just a joy to be around. There are several nostalgic moments for his incredibly successful show, including a dance number from actress Ginger Rogers.

The stunning and talented Hollywood starlet took the stage before Carson was even done with his monologue. Wearing a jaw-dropping blue gown, she looks nothing short of resilient, graceful, and ready to show off her impeccable moves.

Johnny jokes that he should’ve asked her to dance, and she takes him hand-in-hand without missing a beat. The two look lovely together as they twirl around the stage. It was the perfect mix of talent and humor, and we can’t get enough.