Cowgirls dance ‘til the cows come home with Alan Jackson routine

This classic country song will take you back to the ‘90s. These girls never stop moving, perfectly in sync with each other as they tap and twirl.

Some country songs perfectly capture the feeling of the idyllic rural life. The 1992 hit ‘Chattahoochee’ by Alan Jackson is about growing up along a Tennessee river and learning about life.

It’s also got a great beat, making it a perfect line dancing song. This ditty has been used all over since its release, for dance parties and singles events beyond counting. These five cowgirls have created the perfect country dance routine to go with the song.

Together, they dance and swivel in their boots and hats, perfectly in sync with each other and right on the beat of the song. All five of them are present for their group routine, kicking their legs and swiveling in their boots.

As the dance progresses, each girl gets her time in the spotlight, showcasing her solo moves as the others enjoy nature in the background. It’s a fitting interlude for a song about enjoying the simple life.

The song creates the perfect beat and these girls know exactly how to move to it. We loved watching these cowgirls work together to create a perfect routine for this timeless song.

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Cowgirls dance ‘til the cows come home with Alan Jackson routine