Comedian Gina Brillon makes the judges of America’s Got Talent laugh

Comedian Gina Brillon on America’s Got Talent

Gina Brillon has been dreaming of going on to America’s Got Talent and she finally achieved her dream. She stands in front of the four judges for the first time, remarking on how real they are.

Sofia Vergara asks her a few questions, so she shares her name, tells them she’s from the Bronx, and that she’s going to do comedy for them. Sofia also wonders if Gina is nervous.

Gina says that she is more excited than anything because it is crazy that she is there at all. With the questioning done Sofia gives Gina the go-ahead to start her act.

Her stand-up bit consists of her talking about her husband, her marriage, and her twin sister. She speaks effortlessly and naturally, there are no awkward moments. Talented comedians can be difficult to find.

Comedian Gina Brillon on America’s Got Talent

She jokes about her white husband, while she herself is Latina. During their wedding, she was nervous about writing the vows which her identical twin sister helped her with.

When her act ends the audience and judges give her a standing ovation, which surprises her. Everyone has big smiles on their faces and she is happy to be able to share her comedy.

Simon Cowell mentions how her stand-up wasn’t like a routine, it was so natural like a conversation. All the judges loved her and had to give her a yes. Gina bows, thanks to them, and walks off the stage.

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