3 Christian women sing chilling a cappella mashup of “Down To The River To Pray”

Christian women singing “Down To The River To Pray”

Three singers stand in a tall field of grass as they perform a beautiful acapella cover. The background features a small house on stilts. The entire ambiance is of an easy-going nature.

The three females are singing a mashup of Allison Krauss’ cover of “Down To The River To Pray” and “River” by Leon Bridges. Both songs take on the symbolic nature of water as being next to God himself.

Lauryn Evans is accompanied by Olivia Charnes and Mandy Allyn as the three females chillingly sing the beautiful, faithful tunes. Their Christian music mashup goes perfectly well together due to the similar themes that both songs have.

Christian women singing “Down To The River To Pray”

The Nashville trio also sings as part of a group under the band Charlotte Ave. Together they form amazing harmonies that remind their worldwide audience of Country and Americana medleys.

Lauryn Evans, the focus of this performance, gained interest in music from a very young age. This drove her to learn to play the guitar by herself and join the Christian band 1 Girl Nation.

Currently, the Christian singer is moved by sharing her beautiful musical talents on the internet. She hopes to inspire young people and be a beacon of positivity during dark times.

While the acapella trio can harmonize beautifully during this performance, they produce a very chill version of both songs. Leon Bridges’ “River” is characterized by his soulful voice, and it evokes a deep gospel tune. A uniqueness that is washed away in this interpretation.

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