Underwater wheelchair helps a British paraplegic diver to visit coral reefs

Underwater wheelchair diver visit coral reefs

Sue Austin is a British artist who focuses her art on multimedia, installation, and performance. Aside from that, she is also an enthusiastic explorer and world adventurer.

That might sound particular and ordinary. But you will be surprised that she can do all those even if she was a paraplegic. She lost her ability to walk for more than 2 years already.

However, it’s not a stumbling block for her to continue dreaming and fighting for what she loves to do. She continues on living and exploring to find a better way to resolve her case.

Underwater wheelchair diver visit coral reefs

As fortune dictated, Sue has become successful in her life. In one of her videos, you can see this British artist roaming around underneath the water and enjoying the view of coral reefs.

That paraplegic diving has become successful with the help of a specially adapted underwater wheelchair. It was technically based on standard-issue National Health Service chairs, with propellers and perspex aerofoils for control purposes.

The world was shocked by what Sue has shown since no one ever believed that physically challenged individuals might have a chance to dive.

Sue Austin has become an inspiration and a source of hope to continue fighting even if your situation doesn’t agree with your dreams. She proves that your disability is not an inability but a special ability.

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