Once A Near-Threatened Species, Sand Cat Kittens Are Born At The Zoo In Israel

This incredibly rare breed of desert-dwelling cat has just brightened up the Tel Aviv Zoo with a brand-new batch of cute kittens. These beautiful kittens have people coming in droves. The sand cats are of similar size and proportion to a regular house cat, but they have extra-large ears and patted feet that make them perfectly adaptable to a desert environment.

They may look very similar, but they are not the kind of cat that you can domesticate, these beautiful cats are as wild as any tiger or lynx. But the zoo was indeed very happy when they found out that they were going to get a litter of brand-new kittens.

This breed of cat has been extinct in Israel, where they used to be quite common, for many years. So it is great to see the species thriving in captivity. The zoo hopes that in time they might be able to release cats back into the areas that they once populated.