Proud Mother Giraffe Gives Birth to Rosie At The Australia Zoo

The arrival of Rosie the baby giraffe at the Australia Zoo in was a much-awaited day. It’s been fifteen months of waiting and finally, the big moment was there. A giraffe’s birth can take ours, so no one quite knew what to expect. This wasn’t the first time that mother Bindi had given birth.

Don’t be alarmed by the dramatic drop to the ground. It may be just over seven feet, but this is quite normal for these long-legged beauties. Standing poses its own set of challenges, with the baby finding its legs and flopping onto her head. Just 55-minutes later, the little one is having her very first drink.

The birth of a baby giraffe is always a special moment, though rather tense. After all, every delivery comes with the possibility of challenges. Fortunately, this mother Bindi experienced one of the smoothest births ever with all the special moments of their bonding caught on camera. From being licked clean, to first interactions through the fence, it’s an inspiring tale.