Organ plays ethereal song from ocean breeze

If the ocean had a voice, this is what she would sound like. This sea organ delivers a beautiful melody using the rhythm of the waves.

Zen never sounded so good. When architect Nikola Basic came up with the idea of collaborating with the ocean, he never could have guessed that it would sound so beautiful. In 2005, he started drawing up the plans for this huge sea organ, an impressive architectural feat that would win over the world.

This structure is no ordinary set of stairs. Each step has a complicated system of holes that use the flow of water and wind to create a beautiful sound. The pressure and water are pushed up through the surface and exit through a set of 35 organ pipes.

It’s not just a structure, but it’s not merely an instrument either. Both components of this magnificent creation work together to create a haunting melody that you won’t soon forget. This 230-foot sea organ is located in Zadar, Croatia, and draws tourists from all over the world.

The way the motion of the waves affects the sound is clear and beautiful. Some have called the melody creepy or haunting, but others assure that the organ sounds so much better in person. A video can hardly do the ethereal tune justice.

The way the air flows through this organ to create the sound we hear is nothing short of harmonious. Each part of this structure works together to create a memorable sound that will haunt you after listening.

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Organ plays ethereal song from ocean breeze