Man Saves Three Deer From The Middle Of Frozen Lake In Ontario, Canada

A man in Canada braved the ice covering a frozen lake to rescue three deer who had been stranded out on the cold surface. Methodically towing the frightening creatures to shore with rope, he helped them get off the ice and onto dry land. Once there, the deer dashed into the woods, finally safe.

A kind animal lover in Canada spotted three deer who had gotten themselves stranded out on the ice in the middle of a frozen lake. Carefully making his way to them, he looped ropes around the deer to create a sort of animal train and began methodically towing them across the ice.

The deer, for their part, looked cold and frightened, and only balked a bit at being strung together by a stranger. Once the man pulled the deer close to the shore he used a long stick to remove the rope from around their necks and then pushed them onto dry land.