Guy Cycling Through the Forest Suddenly Finds Himself Being Stalked by A Mountain Lion

Very few things can compare to being outside and enjoying what nature has to offer. The whole point of being outdoors is to disconnect from every outside interference. Two popular outdoor adventuring activities are hiking and cycling.

Cycling allows you to cover great distances in a shorter amount of time than hiking, for instance. You can visit different trails which offer different challenges also. For the cyclists in this video, this would not be his average trail ride, and the challenges are a lot more intense than expected.

Vlogging has been an effective way of taking your viewers on the right with you. Shot in high definition video, this offers the viewer a chance to almost experience what the vlogger is going through. He has been filming the cycle run when he notices a figure in the tall grass. It turns out that there has been a wild animal chasing him for some time.

The cyclist stands still as the animal approaches. It turns out this animal is a mountain lion! I don’t know about you, but there’s something about big cats that makes me a little bit nervous. The cyclist starts to get nervous as well but does all he can to hide his feelings.

He doesn’t move and starts to see the mountain lion’s behavior. After a couple of minutes of staring, the cyclist starts to leave very slowly. Once he is farther ahead, he turns his back to see where the mountain lion is. It turns out it’s still following him. The cyclist tries to scare the animal by raising his voice, but this seems to cause the opposite effect.

At one point, the cyclist starts to growl the way the big cat does. This results in being faced with an even louder growl. He remembers something that he saw in one of these videos and does it. This works as the mountain lion starts to retreat. Do you want to know what it is?

Guy Cycling Through the Forest Suddenly Finds Himself Being Stalked by A Mountain Lion