Boaters capture once-in-a-lifetime video of mama bear ferrying 3 cubs across lake

Are you up for cuteness overload? Then watch this fantastic video of a mama bear and her three young cubs.

Dan and Nelda Powers love to go boating because of the incredible natural beauty found on the waterfront. They always see the wildlife of some sort, whether that’s bald eagles, white-tailed deer, or osprey.

However, one day just before sunset, they saw something they could scarcely believe. One day, as they rowed their way across Lake Chippewa, they saw something they could scarcely believe.

The jaw-dropping sight only a slight distance from their boat was three bear cubs clinging for dear life on their mother’s back. Apparently, she was providing water taxi service for her kiddos as she swam madly for the other side of the lake.

Excited, they whipped out their cell phones so they could record the incredible sight. They kept filming until mama bear made it safely to shore. They strode up over the edge of the lake and scrambled into the woods.

Thank God the couple filmed the spectacle for posterity. Now you too can enjoy this heartwarming sight and even share it with your friends.

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