You Might Be Surprised That BIG Cats Like Catnip, Too

There are few things funnier in life than when you give your cat a bit of catnip. Cats can be wacky and crazy when they want to be, but as soon as they get a little sniff of this goodness, the crazy level for cats goes up to 11.

For some reason, when we think of larger cats like lions and tigers, we don’t associate the same behaviors. And, because of this, most people wouldn’t think to give a large cat a bag of catnip.

At Big Cat Rescue, a wildlife sanctuary for large cats in Florida, staff members are regularly asked if big cats are affected by catnip the same way house cats are. After years of hearing this question, the workers finally decided to see for themselves and put it to the test. They then packed up giant bags of catnip and gave them to each of the cats.

The video that follows is absolutely hilarious and kind of adorable in the way that only a large and scary cat can be adorable. Let us know what you think, and if you enjoyed this