Adorable Baby Flamingo Parade Will Melt Your Heart

Shout “go flamingo, go” while you are at the zoo too. Not quite the excitement of the annual great flamingo migration into Kenya’s Masai Mara across the Mara River, but this short film about a flock of tiny flamingos, chasing after their caretakers is delightful to watch.

These little flamingos run, still dressed in their white plumage (pink coats get issued at later age) from one end of the zoo to the other in this absolutely adorable ‘migration’ that you don’t want to miss. Please watch at your own discretion, as one of them does trip and fall about one third into the video.

To experience this amazing event in person, please visit the Oregon Zoo, Washington Park, Portland in (yes you guessed it…) Oregon. Do not postpone, as the current theme of “the little flamingo run” will change next season to “the teenage flapping flamingos.”