Twin Polar Bear Babies Adore Their Mommy So Much, You Can Feel Their Love

Winter is over and mother polar bear has left the den with her two tiny cubs in tow. She is thin after several spending months in the den with no food while feeding two rapidly growing cubs.

The powerful bond between Mom and the cubs is evident as we watch her begin to teach the little ones about their newly discovered icy world. As they set out across the snow one baby hitches a ride, clinging onto Mom and she good-naturedly takes it in her stride.

There is much to learn and Mom gets busy. First lesson, how to clean your fur by rolling in the snow. The twins think this is just a new game and have a load of fun copying Mom. You can see their enjoyment, so it must feel good, too.

The mother bear takes a well-deserved rest but the boisterous babies indulge in a game of wrestling, interspersed with some high-spirited bouncing on Mom. She proudly watches over their antics and doesn’t seem to mind being used as a trampoline while trying to take a nap.

At every opportunity, Mom gathers up her babies for some snuggles and she knows just when to invite them to the milk-bar for some well-earned nourishment. After all, such busy cubs need to be refueled!

Keeping the little ones close, mother bear heads out towards the pack ice where she will be able to provide for her growing family in the coming months and teach them to hunt.

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Twin Polar Bear Babies Adore Their Mommy So Much, You Can Feel Their Love