After 3 Days of Labor, This Panda Was Exhausted, Then Elated When Her Daughter is Born

Childbirth is an extraordinary feat of nature. Humans are, of course, cognizant of pain. We can reach out for help and pain relief. In the animal kingdom, though, nature has to take its course. Rarely is human intervention recommended.

Min Min, the panda, is in labor. While her carers have brought her to an indoor enclosure for her birth, there is no other interaction besides observation. Min Min is not having a good time of this labor.

This beautiful panda is in her third day of labor, which is a distressing sign. Her carers believe that because she has been going for so long, that there may be something wrong with the baby, or even that the baby had died.

Poor Min Min is clearly uncomfortable as she wriggles and groans and moves positions constantly. Finally, though, Min Min knew it was time; she squatted, and out popped her long-awaited daughter.

Immediately Min Min started snuggling with her newborn, all memories of the last three days behind her. It is worth noting – although Min Min’s baby was so tiny, she was actually almost twice the size of a normal baby panda. No wonder poor mama was in so much pain.

We are so happy to see these two snuggling and happy. Min Min didn’t have an easy delivery, but nature took its course, and she delivered a healthy, precious daughter.