Relive Showbiz Pizza Place: A Slice of History, Fun & Games

A Tale of Pizza, Animatronics, and Childhood Memories

Nestled in the heart of the 1980s was a wonderland of pizza, arcade games, and animatronic entertainment, Showbiz Pizza Place. Founded by Robert Brock and Aaron Fechter, Showbiz was more than just a pizza joint – it was a family destination, a realm of merriment where kids and adults alike could enjoy a slice of fun and nostalgia.

The Birth of Showbiz: A Partnership of Innovation

In the pursuit of a new business venture, Brock initially teamed up with Nolan Bushnell, the founder of Atari. Bushnell’s dream of creating a place where children could enjoy pizza while indulging in arcade games resonated with Brock. Yet, it was Aaron Fechter’s advanced animatronic musical act that drew Brock in, leading to the birth of Showbiz Pizza Place. This establishment was to become a beloved household name, opening its first location in Kansas City, Missouri.

The Allure of Showbiz: More Than Just Pizza

The allure of Showbiz was its ability to offer a complete package of food and entertainment. Its unique setup, similar to a dinner theater, separated the dining and game room areas, creating a diverse and engaging atmosphere. As families enjoyed their pizza, they were entertained by an animatronic stage show, the Rock-afire Explosion. The sight of lifelike animals playing musical instruments brought a magical sense of wonder to the dining experience.

Characters That Touched Our Hearts

The Rock-afire Explosion was a family of characters who made Showbiz a special place. From Billy Bob the bear, the leader and mascot, to Fats Geronimo the gorilla on the keyboard, each character played a crucial role in the entertainment lineup. These characters were not just animatronics, they were integral parts of our childhood memories, full of personality and charm.

The Legacy of Showbiz: A Timeless Piece of History

The legacy of Showbiz Pizza Place extends beyond its eventual conversion into Chuck E. Cheese. The nostalgia it evokes reminds us of a simpler time when joy was found in a slice of pizza, an arcade game, and the magic of animatronic entertainment. We fondly remember Showbiz because it encapsulates a piece of our shared history, a testament to the joy and innocence of our younger days.

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Relive Showbiz Pizza Place: A Slice of History, Fun & Games