Let Your Heart Melt to the 1960’s Tune “Save the Last Dance for Me” by The Drifters

George Treadwell was the manager of several successful music groups during his career. While some artists fade, some live on forever; or at least their music does. One of the bands he most notably represented was the 1950’s group, The Drifters.

Ironically, The Drifters went through several different band members over the years. Treadwell helped the band skyrocket to success when he became their manager in 1953. Some of their top hits include “Under the Boardwalk,” and “Sweets for my Sweetheart.”

The gifted gentlemen that made up The Drifters were known for their romantic lyrics that would make anyone swoon. One song called “Save the Last Dance for Me” stood out for the heartwarming words and rich vocals.

The tear-jerking tune quickly found the top spot on the Billboard charts in 1960. Though it’s 60 years old, it still sounds just as good today. We can’t get enough of this song of passion, and the 1970 live performance is just what we need to see.