High school in the 1960s is still very similar to high school today

High school in the 1960s

Education is essential for every young mind, high school especially is concerned with shaping well-rounded people. A look into what the students got up to in the 1960s is very enlightening.

While the 1960s seems like a very long time ago, the way students learned has not changed much. Teachers do their best to keep the teenagers’ attention as they dutifully sit at their desks.

Some enjoy classes indoors while others have more fun running outside and getting rowdy in gym class. The footage shows what appears to be an obstacle course that the students go through.

High school in the 1960s

The fashion was very distinct as well. Girls were rarely seen in pants, they mostly wore dresses or skirts. Boys wore sweaters or shirts tucked into their pants.

Besides the typewriters and old busses, much of education and life in high school seems to not have changed despite being decades old. They would even have formal events where students get to dress up.

Teenagers haven’t changed much over the years. They are playful, mischievous, and happy to be around each other. Many of the students can be seen having fun together.

If the footage was taken with a modern-day camera it may actually be difficult to tell that it was filmed in the 1960s. It is fascinating how little has really changed.

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