‘Talking’ Golden Retriever Has Everyone Rolling With Laughter In The Park

Oh, My Disney brings us a cute and hilarious hidden camera stunt, involving everyone’s favorite talking dog from the Disney-Pixar hit ‘Up.’ Dug, the dog, takes to the part wearing a ‘talking collar’ that lets him speak to kids and their parents.

Everyone loves a golden retriever with a friendly, furry face like Dug, but once you give a dog like that a voice, it seems he’ll win over the trust of everyone, adults included. His mission to find new friends ends a huge success with some of these kids truly showing that they care.

Watch as the “tiny humans” and their larger counterparts talk and play with Dug. It seems his talking collar and winning personality are enough to have the whole park convinced. He definitely has all the kids entertained, both amused and in awe of the talking dog that couldn’t be more lovable.