Vet Advice: How To Pick Up A Cat Like A Pro

Cat owners rejoice: There’s now a tutorial video that easily teaches you how best to handle your furbaby. Veterinarian Dr. Burstyn shows us the best way to handle standard and shoulder cats.

Not only is the doctor giving us great tips on how to handle cats, but he also teaches us how to meet a cat for the first time, and how to pick up and put down cats that like to ride on your shoulders.

It appears that the techniques in this video really work. One Youtube commenter explained: “Dang, that actually helped with my female cat. She has been through at least two owners before me and had some bad experiences which obviously resulted in trust issues. She has now been with me for two years and it had gotten loads better, but she still did not want me to hold her. Normally I simply would have let her be, but for vet visits and such, it was not an ideal situation. But then I saw this video and tried to squish the cat. And she loves it! She is turning into quite the snuggle bug. Thank you!”