Friesian Stallion Definitely Knows He Is The Coolest Guy In Town

Carol Whitaker is a horse enthusiast. Her stunning horse, Apollo, is a whole new level of majestic. Apollo is a gigantic Friesian stallion who towers over his owner with his massive stature.

In this video, Carol takes Apollo out for an evening walk, and according to her, her beautiful horse loved every minute of it. You are going to be stunned by the beauty of this gentle giant.

Carol says, ‘Not a day goes by that I don’t thank the good Lord above for my magnificent stallion, Apollo. He has a heart of gold! He’s the most charismatic, fun, loving, respectful horse I’ve ever known. People that meet him are in awe that he’s a stallion because he’s such a gentle giant who absolutely loves to show off! He’s extremely powerful, yet he is always a perfect gentleman on the ground and under saddle.’

This is definitely not a sight you get to see every day. I would love to meet this stunning stallion. His owner is taking him for a walk down her neighborhood street, just like you would a dog. He’s pretty frisky and seems more ready to run than walk. While some passersby are very curious, they just look and don’t stop. A little girl even follows them on her bike.

This stunning, black horse glows. He is a genuinely magnificent animal. I guess if he were mine, I’d walk him around and show him off to the neighbors too.

Friesian Stallion Definitely Knows He Is The Coolest Guy In Town