Teen dressed as FedEx driver surprises childhood best friend

These friends grew up as neighbors but stayed friends when their families moved apart. Now, he’s putting the effort in to make sure their annual meeting is special.

Jory and Soultana have been friends since 2006 when they met as children. They were neighbors, and they were inseparable for a decade. Then her family moved to South Carolina and they made a pact to see each other every year.

Unfortunately, their annual meet-up was canceled due to events beyond their control. Soultana, already going through a disappointing senior year, was going to have to go without seeing her best friend.

But Jory had other plans. Working with her family, they devised a plan to have him deliver a package dressed as a FedEx driver. Under the guise of a package from her grandmother that she had to open on camera, her dad started rolling.

Jory hands the package to Soultana, and she takes it without giving him a second glance. When she looks back, he’s taken his mask off – and her reaction is truly touching. Her knees give out and she immediately falls forward into a hug.

She can’t believe her best friend is here, sobbing his name and clinging to him in a hug. Jory really put in the work to make sure that their annual meeting happened safely, and watching Soultana’s reaction is more than worth it.

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Teen dressed as FedEx driver surprises childhood best friend