Saving a 1950 GMC truck from the junkyard

Junkyards are a mechanic’s treasure trove. Watch as David and Mike discover a buried gem at Turner’s Auto Wrecking.

The Roadkill crew never fails to entertain viewers with their adventures. Roadkill’s David and Mike travel to California in search of a retro gem.

The dynamic mechanic pair goes on a 100-acre treasure hunt in one of Fresno’s finest junkyards, Turner’s Auto Wrecking, and the scrap metal graveyard did not disappoint.

There were a few popular vehicle models in the junkyard, but one, in particular, stood out. David and Mike came across this vintage 1950 GMC truck, which they thought was decent even though it had been sitting for 26 years.

The duo started revamping the old giant, with challenges along the way like panicking over a wrecked master cylinder, even struggled for days, and finally making the retro beauty back in action.

Although the goal of making the 1950 GMC truck reach Los Angeles did not happen due to some mechanical issues, even so, the pair regarded it as a 50/50 win. Given how rare this gem is nowadays, seeing this classic vehicle up and running gives you a distinct sense of satisfaction.

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Saving a 1950 GMC truck from the junkyard