Retired 70-Year-Old Woman Given Fabulous Blonde Bombshell Makeover

Getting a makeover can be a great way to boost your spirits and bring back some confidence. The Makeover Guy, also known as Christopher Hopkins, is passionate about bringing out the best in people with fun and self-love-based makeovers.

The guru himself recently took a 70-year-old woman under his wing to help her reclaim her inner flower child. While Randy Adams enjoyed watching makeover shows on television, she’d never had one herself.

Deciding that she needed to take time for herself, she and Chris teamed up. Randy is already naturally beautiful and doesn’t look anywhere close to her age. The Makeover Guy gave her lighter roots, a flattering hairstyle, and gorgeous makeup.

We applaud Chris for his fantastic work, but we think the real winner here is Randy. She is radiating confidence and gorgeous charm.