Little Southern boy gives detailed directions to Bear Creek

If you ever find yourself lost in the country, you don’t need a GPS to guide you out – you need this little boy. His dad asks him for directions to Bear Creek, and his answer is very precise.

The little boy abandons his breakfast to launch into detailed instructions on how to get to Bear Creek. He starts you off going down one road, then turning left down another.

Before you know it, you’re bouncing back and forth one mile at a time between various back-country roads. The boy’s enthusiastic hand gestures help illustrate his directions, so you know exactly where to turn.

You can tell by his thousand-yard stare that he’s picturing the route in his mind’s eye. He completely forgets where he’s at and almost knocks over his glass of lemonade.

Finally, his set of instructions nears the end as he tells his dad to go over one bridge then another. Across from a third bridge and next to a house is where Bear Creek is.

The confidence of this kid in his own directions is heartening and inspiring. If only we could all be as sure of ourselves as he is. What a beautiful reminder to have the trust of a child.

Next time you get lost in his neck of the woods, don’t worry. Just ask this kid for directions and he’s sure to instruct you on the best way home.

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Little Southern boy gives detailed directions to Bear Creek