Kindergarten weather report is a ray of sunshine

Apparently, you have to make videos in Kindergarten now. Remember when they just had you color inside the lines? Thankfully, this kid is rocking his assignment.

Did you know that some kindergartens are now requesting that students make videos as homework? It’s a crazy world out there now. I remember when all we had to master in kindergarten was coloring inside the lines.

However, some kids absolutely rock this assignment. Take Carden Cort, for example. This adorable little weatherman knew exactly who to go to when he got an assignment to make a weather report video.

His dad works in video production, and he had been waiting for this moment his entire life. He set up an innovative, clever video stage that would let his son make the most of his skills.

Carden’s sparkling personality is on display in this weather report. We go through sponsors (including ‘the letter ‘c’’ and ‘Pokemon Cards’) before Carden gives the cutest weather report we’ve ever seen.

There’s even a dance break when he talks about the impending spring break. Can he be my weatherman? His antics have turned heads all over the internet. We just hope he got a good grade on his assignment.

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Kindergarten weather report is a ray of sunshine