Kansas City Chiefs superfan goes to her first NFL game at 100 years old.

All football fans can relate to the thrill of meeting your favorite player at a game and receiving the game ball!

An energetic and sharp-witted 100-year-old woman, Melba Mills, always loves to watch the Kansas City Chiefs play football. Her favorite player was Patrick Mahomes.

Her son contacted the Chiefs and explained how much his mother loved the team. The extended an invitation for her to come to a game.

Melba was welcomed onto the Kansas City Chiefs’ field by the team. She was thrilled to personally meet Patrick Mahomes and the other football players.

The team gave her the team ball and a souvenir Kansas City Chief’s T-shirt. Melba loves watching the game in person rather than on TV.

Melba teased that she was disappointed that Mahomes had a girlfriend. She will enjoy her mementos and her memories for the rest of her life.

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