Four people do their best to match kids to their real parents

The YouTube channel Cut wanted to see if some challengers were keen enough to match a kid to their real parents. Cut is always trying to create videos that are fun and spread joy.

They repeated the challenge three times. One for a man, another for a woman, then a third for a pair of twins. The twins were a boy and a girl.

For the challenge, nine people are arranged in a lineup. They made sure that the correct pairs were not beside each other, so the challengers had to identify the four real pairs and one single parent.

On top of trying to get the right pairs, the main task was to match five children to their families. It was certainly not an easy thing to do.

Each challenger had their own way of figuring out the right combinations. The man liked to ask personal questions and request the people to show affectionate actions towards each other.

The woman tried to look for similar facial features and also asked a couple to kiss twice. The twins asked a lot of questions, and were very polite and methodical.

When the kids and parents rearranged themselves to their proper families, it showed that the twins got the most correct combinations.

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