Extraordinary Table Tennis Shot Is So Fast You Can Barely See It – And Neither Can His Opponents

Table tennis master Adam Bobrow shows off his famous snake shot, which he uses to defeat every opponent he comes up against. Watch him battle people from around the globe and dominate with this one move.

Adam Bobrow is a California-native who has made it his mission in life to bring his love of table tennis to people around the world. For years he has done this as a full-time table tennis commentator, but he also has some serious skills with the paddle as we can see in this video.

One fan explained his experience with this shot: “My dad taught me this move decades ago when we used to play against each other, but we just called it the under-scoop. If you land it perfectly to just catch the net, it will literally spin off the top of the net and fall on the opponent’s side, just to bounce directly off the side of the table. You’d have to be insanely fast to get to it. I’m glad to see it’s used effectively in professional settings.”