A man’s home for 17 years is an island built from salvaged materials

Manu builds an island

There’s an island floating in a river in Canada made up entirely of salvaged materials. Dubbed Nowhere Island, a man named Shadow built this place with his bare hands.

For 17 years, Shadow has been living there, intending to protect the environment. He does his best to be sustainable and eco-friendly. Through recycling and growing his own food, he creates no waste.

The island is off the grid since the electricity comes from solar panels. He does his best to live without money, and he only gets supplies from town when he really needs to.

Manu builds an island

In his home on the water, he has space for just about everything he loves. He has a library and lab so he can study things he collects from the environment.

On the second floor, he has an area for arts and crafts when he is feeling creative. It is important to stay busy to fend off cabin fever.

Every now and then, friends will come over to visit him. They will hang out and have a few laughs before heading back home. The island is a very secluded and tranquil place.

There’s a chicken coop on the island as well as nests of other birds. His newest project is a large boat that he plans to turn into gardens to have more food for the winter.

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