You’ve Never Heard Michael Jackson’s ‘Billie Jean’ Covered Like This Before – CHILLS!

Singing duo The Civils Wars collaborate with Luna Music on one of the most spellbinding covers of Michael Jackson’s ‘Billy Jean’ we’ve ever heard. They’ve taken a song that you thought couldn’t be any different and transformed it into a touching track with a brilliance of its own.

These two come together with smoothness and style, delivering feeling and flowering power through the way that their voices effortless harmonize. As solo performers, they shine, but together they transcend all expectations. It is difficult to compare the level of control in their voices to any other stars, or any other version of this timeless song.

You’ve never heard anything like this cover of ‘Billy Jean’ by The Civil Wars – unexpected, unbelievable, and just getting better and better by the moment, it’s a medley you must hear. With visuals matching the somber but striking tone, it’s a track that you’ll keep coming back to for its unique touch of Americana.

You\'ve Never Heard Michael Jackson\'s \'Billie Jean\' Covered Like This Before – CHILLS!