Young girl suddenly joins street acrobats and she clocks 13.3 million views on YouTube

When a street performer in London challenges a little girl, there is no telling what could happen. But when these two put on a show for onlookers, it was as if they were doing this for years.

London is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. It draws over millions of people every year.

Of course, one of the cool hidden gems of the city is its street performers. And they draw quite the crowd throughout the city itself.

One street performer took it upon himself to pick a little girl from Sweden from the audience. He challenged her to a little game of ‘do what I do’.

The little girl quickly accepted the challenge and it began without a hitch. The street performer started pushups and she followed as well.

Then, it got challenging with some acrobatics. Needless to say, both the performer and this little girl were the stars of this show.

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