Wedding Guests Can’t Control Laughter During Hilarious Best Man Speech

One of the best things about attending a wedding (besides the free food) is the heartfelt speeches that come from the Newlywed’s loved ones. Typically it’s a sibling or close friend, but this couple had something unique in store for their guests.

Bill and Mary had finally tied the knot, and their friends and family were having a fantastic time. Bill’s best man, R.J., thought it was time to take it up a notch with a speech that everyone would remember.

R.J. is the groom’s eleven-year-old nephew, but that didn’t stop him from giving a knee-slapping speech. He didn’t look the least bit nervous and had absolute confidence about him that adults wish we had naturally.

He shared stories about giving his uncle dating advice and told him that once Mary came along, she was cool enough to get his stamp of approval. We’re glad that’s so because the beautiful couple couldn’t be happier. Well done, R.J.