Watch 25-year-old Tom Jones perform “It’s Not Unusual”

Tom Jones had been invited to The Ed Sullivan Show several times. Finally, the famous singer of the ’60s returned to the show on June 13th, 1965, with his signature song, “It’s Not Unusual,” which made him a star overnight.

Jones sang his song, “It’s Not Unusual,” which was first recorded by the singer as a demo for Sandie Shaw. However, when the singer heard Jones sing, she was so impressed that she declined to sing it again and asked him to release it by himself.

Nobody can now imagine this song to be sung by anyone else. The song was written by Les Reed, who later wrote Marching on Together for Leeds United. The song was from his second single, released in 1964.

The song topped the charts and went straight to Number 1 in the UK pop charts. The original piece had Jimmy Page as the lead guitarist & Elton John, who was unknown then. He played the piano.

Before Tom Jones came on stage, Ed Sullivan introduced him, leading the audience to cheer for him. The talented singer looked handsome in an open-collared shirt and tightly tailored trousers.

He started to sing the song with his hip-swinging and was snapping his fingers. He enjoyed being on stage and people admiring his music. He moved all over the stage and impressed the audience with his powerful voice.

He performed the upbeat track with Sullivan’s orchestra team in the background. His hip-shaking performance to the song “It’s Not Unusual” earned him a massive round of applause from the audience.

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Watch 25-year-old Tom Jones perform \