Tim Conway & Harvey Korman Crack Each Other Up

Ah, the sweet symphony of laughter. Remember when Sunday evenings were spent gathered around the TV set, watching sketches that made your belly ache from laughing so hard? The Carol Burnett Show had that very magic. For those lucky to have experienced it firsthand, and even for those who caught the reruns, the charm and humor of that era remain deeply etched in our memories.

Back in my day, you didn’t need fancy graphics or intricate plots to split your sides laughing. It was the unscripted moments that did the trick. And boy, if there was one man who could turn any sketch into a riot, it was Tim Conway. I sometimes joke about forgetting where I put my glasses (usually on my head), but the one thing I’d never forget is how Tim’s genius for ad-libbing made Harvey Korman break into fits of laughter, time and again.

Take the elephant story, for example. It’s been 50 years, but thinking of that skit still brings tears to my eyes – tears of joy, of course! It was pure comedy gold. A moment where even if you knew the punchline, the delivery, and the chemistry between Tim and Harvey was so spot-on, you’d be gasping for breath between laughs.

What set The Carol Burnett Show apart was its pristine humor. In a time where vulgarity often steals the spotlight in the name of comedy, the sketches from this show were a breath of fresh air. Every joke, every gag, and every skit was carefully crafted without crossing the line. It was indeed an era where talent spoke louder than swear words. And honestly, isn’t that refreshing? Back then, comedy had class.

Harvey Korman, Carol Burnett, and Vicki Lawrence were the very backbone of the show. Their impeccable timing, stellar performances, and shared chemistry were palpable. But Tim Conway was the dynamo, the wild card that could make even the sternest audience member or co-star burst into uncontrollable laughter. His absence, along with Harvey’s, leaves a gap in the world of comedy that’s hard to fill.

Though times have changed and comedy has evolved, the legacy of The Carol Burnett Show and its stars remain. In an age where comedic giants walked the earth, Tim Conway was a titan. It’s no surprise that there’s a sentiment that he deserved a lifetime achievement award for making everyone, including himself, break character.

I often reminisce about the good old days with my 15 great-grandchildren. Sharing these memories, these snippets from the golden age of comedy keeps the legacy alive. I encourage every comedy lover to share these gems with the next generation. Introduce them to the pure joy that is The Carol Burnett Show. And hey, while you’re at it, remind them of that older man who loves to crack jokes about his age – yours truly, Ethan Lloyd. Share the laughter, and keep the legacy alive.

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Tim Conway & Harvey Korman Crack Each Other Up