These 10 ‘X Factor’ Acts Deliver The Best British Music Covers We’ve Ever Seen

Ever wanted to listen to nine great covers of British songs, but didn’t want to have to track them down? You’re in luck, because “The X Factor” has you covered.

Watching these nine artists is like taking a walk through the greatest songs from the United Kingdom. We admit when we heard Anthony Russell step up to sing Oasis’ “Sally Can Wait” we were sold from the get-go.

The standout performance from the group is from an unusual source: Denmark. Live Vogel gave her rendition of David Bowie’s power ballad “Life on Mars.” With her sweet voice and otherworldly sound, she melded perfectly with the messages of the song, sounding a bit alien herself.

These 10 \'X Factor\' Acts Deliver The Best British Music Covers We\'ve Ever Seen