The Keys Family Comes Together As A Stunning Duo, And Alicia Has Never Sounded Better

This family must have musicality in their genes. Though we already knew that Alicia Keys was a phenomenal vocalist and musician, we had yet to hear from her equally talented son – until now.

In this sweet shot from the Keys household, Alicia and her young son Egypt can be seen seated around an electric keyboard. It seems these two are engaged in an adorable family jam session.

After a quick check-in from mom, Egypt takes it away with some amazing piano chops to accompany his mother’s jaw-dropping voice. But Egypt isn’t letting mom steal the spotlight, in fact, he barely even seems fazed as Alicia dazzles viewers with her effortless vocal runs.

As the two finish with a flourish, Alicia can’t help but hoot and holler for her talented son. This mama has clearly shared some of her gift for music with her baby, and we can’t wait to see what this musical family puts out next.