The Charlie Daniels Band Moves Fans With “My Beautiful America”

When you think of American icons, Charlie Daniels comes to mind for many country music fans. There’s something about that man’s heart and passion for this nation that lights a fire inside the hearts of millions.

In true Charlie Daniels fashion, his band put their unique spin on “My Beautiful America” combined with the Pledge of Allegiance. Throughout the tribute, Daniels askes listeners if they’ve experienced all of the breathtaking views the United States has to offer.

Whether that’s Yosemite’s grandeur, the possibilities of the open road, or the vastness of the Grand Canyon, there’s something special about America. The Charlie Daniels band does an astounding job of capturing just that.

His exhilarating rendition makes you proud to be an American, but it will also stir you to explore the splendid sights all around this country. Charlie may be gone, but his inspiration and kindhearted nature live on through his music.