‘The Beach Boys’ 1966 Masterpiece “God Only Knows” Is The Dose Of Nostalgia We All Need

The Beach Boys will forever be known as one of the most “influential acts of the rock era,” and this live performance of one of their top hits will leave you speechless.

Originally released in 1966, this timeless treasure has been remastered by countless musicians since and even featured in cinematic favorites like the 2003 Christmas rom-com “Love Actually.”

Written by founding member Brian Wilson along with songwriter Tony Asher, this tune caused quite a stir at the time of its release due to its blatant mention of “God” in the title. However, Wilson has stated that the lyrics can, in fact, be applied to any higher power and that the message is actually about “moving forward after loss.”

Whatever its true intentions might be, this is one tune that will never go out of style, and watching The Beach Boys jam out to it live makes it all the more special.