Superstar Luke Bryan Sings Tear-Jerking Rendition of “Build Me a Daddy”

There aren’t many country stars around with a fanbase like Luke Bryan. The legendary musician and American Idol judge find himself in the spotlight once again with his tear-jerking song, “Build Me A Daddy.”

This tune is all about a young boy who loses his father. When the boy enters a store that shows an advertisement stating he can build anything, the heartbroken child knows precisely what he wants them to make for him.

Luke Bryan is a staple in the world of country music. He’s sticking to his roots with this sappy song from his album, “Born Here, Live Here, Die Here.” The country star hopes that his fans can relate to the song, and it could even help some grieve.

The lyrics take you on an emotional journey that will make you want to call up your father to tell him how much you love him. It’s evident that fatherhood has given Bryan a new look on life, and we couldn’t be happier about it.