The best cover of ‘Smooth Criminal’ played on a triple neck guitar

Luca Stricagnoli

The sound of one guitar played professionally is already impressive. Luca Stricagnoli can play on a guitar with three necks, and he makes it look easy. He covered Michael Jackson’s ‘Smooth Criminal’ using the instrument.

Using the fingerstyle, which involves a lot of plucking, Luca manages to take advantage of all the 16 strings on the guitar. His eyes are fixated on the instrument.

While playing, he doesn’t break a sweat. He’s made a lot of covers before, and he always gives a phenomenal performance. The strings vibrate perfectly under his command.

Luca Stricagnoli

Covers should always bring something new to the song, and that’s what he accomplishes. ‘Smooth Criminal’ is an excellent tune to which Luca adds a lot of his own personal flair.

Anyone listening would not believe that he was a solo musician. The triple neck guitar already sounds like three separate instruments. Luca’s proficiency makes him sound like a full band.

His plucking is mainly focused on the first and third neck of the guitar. Occasionally he will pluck on the center strings. Near the end of the song, he shifts his focus on the center neck.

The amount of practice and talent it takes to play the intimidating instrument is impossible to comprehend. Luca plays it so casually, and his rendition is one of the best versions of the song out there.

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