Sisters sing with angelic voices

Anyone who has lost a loved one will have a hard time keeping a dry eye after hearing this beautiful cover.

Sisters Martha and Lucy Thomas often collaborate on musical covers on Lucy’s Youtube channel. With their combined efforts (as well as Lucy’s solo covers), they’ve amassed almost 200,000 subscribers.

Once you start listening, it’s easy to see why. Both girls have smooth, angelic voices, with Martha’s higher registers harmonizing beautifully with the lower registers of Lucy’s voice. Together, they create a tapestry of loss and grief that will leave most of us with misty eyes.

The cover is brilliant in its simplicity. There are no complex arrangements or heavy production. Instead, their beautiful voices are accompanied only by a piano. It’s all you need to make a great song sometimes.

Lucy was a semi-finalist in The Voice Kids in 2018. Now, she has a Youtube channel where she covers popular and vocally-intensive songs to showcase her skills. She has released two solo albums as well. Sometimes, her sister joins her to create the perfect melodies for her covers.

This beautiful, belting hit is sure to touch a few of your heartstrings, especially when performed by such beautiful, clear voices. These girls have quite a future ahead of them.

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Sisters sing with angelic voices