Rick Astley hit covered perfectly by acapella group

Beloved acapella group Home Free delivers a fantastic cover of the 1980s hit ‘Never Gonna Give You Up.’

Nationally acclaimed acapella group Home Free has a lot of fun covering hit songs from many different eras. This time, they turn their attention to a 1980s classic.

The five-part band brilliantly recreated a well-known sound while contributing their own unique vocals to the Rick Astley hit, ‘Never Gonna Give You Up.’

Their vocal stylings blend together so effortlessly to create not only the lead vocals but the accompaniment as well. It is a complete team effort.

They genuinely enjoy what they are doing, and this comes forward not only in the way they sing the classic song but in how they dance in the video as well.

It is clear that they love to perform and that they had a great time recreating this song. Fans around the world will also enjoy listening to this outstanding performance.

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Rick Astley hit covered perfectly by acapella group